Introdução à oneworld – uma aliança entre as companhias aéreas líderes mundiais trabalhando como uma única empresa

Um perfil da aliança oneworld, sua história, suas companhias aéreas membro, serviços e benefícios oferecidos e muito mais.

A aliança global líder em qualidade no mundo

oneworld® brings together 13 of the world's leading airlines - and around 30 affiliates.
  • Working together as one to provide customers and carriers with services and value no airline can deliver on its own.
  • Aiming to be first choice airline alliance for frequent international travelers.
  • Offering a market-leading range of alliance fare and sales products.
  • Committed to innovation to improve customer service.
  • Holder of more international awards for airline alliances than any its competitors combined.
  • Serving an unrivalled international route network, covering more than a thousand destinations in 150 plus countries.


Thirteen of the world's leading airlines

oneworld's brings together some of the world's leading airlines, all with high-flying reputations for quality service:
  • American Airlines,
    which, through its merger with US Airways, has become the biggest airline in the USA – and the world.
  • British Airways,
    the leading carrier serving the world's top business city, London.
  • Cathay Pacific Airways,
    the top airline serving Asia's "world city" Hong Kong.
  • Finnair,
    emerging as one of the leading airlines connecting Europe with Asia.
  • Iberia,
    the leading airline between Europe and Latin America.
  • Japan Airlines,
    the iconic airline based in Asia's top business city Tokyo.
  • LATAM Airlines,
    Latin America's leading airline group, created through the merger of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines plus their various affiliates.
  • Malaysia Airlines,
    one of South East Asia's most frequent award winners.
  • Qantas,
    the only Australian airline that is part of any global airline alliance.
  • Qatar Airways,
    one of the most highly rated and fastest growing airlines worldwide and the only one of the major Gulf carriers to have joined a global alliance.
  • Royal Jordanian,
    the first airline from the Middle East to join any global airline alliance.
  • S7 Airlines,
    Russia's highest quality domestic airline.
  • SriLankan Airlines,
    the first airline from the Indian sub-continent to join any global airline alliance.

Another 30 or so airlines are affiliate members – including American Eagle, China's Cathay Dragon, Denmark's SUN-AIR, LATAM Airlines Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, plus South Africa's Comair and the transatlantic premium service carrier OpenSkies.

These member airlines position oneworld as the number one alliance on most scores in the USA, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia.

Sharing one vision

To be the first choice airline alliance for frequent international travellers, generating more value for customers, shareholders and employees than any airline can achieve by itself, by:

  • Making global travel smoother, easier, better value and more rewarding.
  • Offering travel solutions beyond the reach of any airline's individual network.
  • Providing a common commitment to high standards of quality, service and safety.
  • Delivering its airlines with savings and benefits greater than any can achieve by itself.

Some vital statistics

oneworld current member airlines and members elect:

  • Serve more than a thousand destinations in 150 plus countries.
  • Carry 530 million passengers a year – a thousand boarding a oneworld flight every minute, 24 hours a day.
  • Operate combined fleets totalling some 3,500 aircraft.
  • Offer almost 12,750 flights a day - an average of one oneworld airline departure or arrival somewhere around the world every three seconds around the clock.
  • Generate some US$125 billion in annual revenues.


Why alliances?

The three main airline alliances, including oneworld, now account for almost two-thirds of the total world airline capacity (ASKs) – and more than 75 per cent of air travel spend between the world's top 100 business cities.

All but one of the world's 20 biggest full-service network airlines are now signed up to one of the three global alliances.

There are a number of reasons for the emergence of global airline alliances:

  • More people want to fly to more places more easily and for greater value – but government restrictions and business economics make it impossible for any one airline to serve all these markets by itself. Allying with like-minded partner airlines enables carriers to provide their customers with global travel solutions.
  • In the drive to reduce costs, airlines can achieve substantial efficiencies through working more closely together.
  • Alliances help boost airlines' revenues and provide opportunities to maintain more routes and frequencies, by transferring passengers between members' networks.
  • Individual passengers and corporate customers are increasingly recognising the value and benefits which alliances can offer them.

Competition in this industry is increasing between alliances, besides individual airlines.


A world of difference for customers

oneworld enables its member airlines to offerservices beyond what any individual carrier can provide by itself or bilaterally with another partner.

  • Global coverage:
    oneworld has an incomparable route network, focused on the world's leading business cities. The alliance serves more than a thousand destinations in 150 plus countries. This enables customers to reach many more places much more easily, way beyond the reach of an individual airline's network, flying with quality carriers all the way. The alliance's airlines operate almost 12,750 flights every day - that averages out at one departure or arrival every three seconds around the clock.
  • Better value:
    oneworld is the market leader for alliance fares and sales products, pioneering some of the most innovative, flexible and attractively priced alliance fares available – and the first to sell any of them on-line.
  • More rewards and recognition:
    Top tier frequent flyers enjoy all of the privileges to which their status entitles them, across all oneworld airlines.
  • More miles and points:
    Members of any oneworld airline's frequent flyer programme can earn miles and tier status points on eligible flights marketed and operated by any of the alliance's carriers - and redeem rewards across that wider network.
  • More lounges:
    Frequent flyers, depending on status, have access to more than 650 airport lounges worldwide, including many voted the world's best.
  • Smoother transfers:
    Wherever possible, a passenger travelling on a single ticket or booking will be checked through to his or her final destination, along with his or her baggage, with oneworld staff and airport signs providing assistance in unfamiliar airports and global support centres to troubleshoot snags before they occur at key hubs.
  • Superior quality:
    oneworld member airlines have strong reputations for customer service excellence and innovation. The quality of the oneworld customer journey, from lounges to the in-flight product, will help passengers arrive at their destinations fresh, well rested, and ready to do business.
  • Greater support:
    Our airlines employ a third of a million people across the globe to ensure oneworld customers travel safely, securely and comfortably every step of their journey.


An unrivalled international network

From Adelaide to Zurich, from Argentina to Zimbabwe, oneworld's network reaches out to the four corners of the earth, making it easier for travellers to reach more places.

Our member airlines together serve 150 plus countries with flights to more than a thousand destinations, many more than any individual airline can offer itself - with the oneworld network focused on the most important cities for international business travellers.


An extensive range of great value fares

oneworld is the market leader for alliance fares and sales products, pioneering some of the most innovative, flexible and attractively priced alliance fares available – and the first to sell any of them on-line. There's something for anyone interested in making an extensive journey - from captains of industry on a trip right around the world to the student backpacker exploring one continent or more.

  • oneworld Explorer:
    One of the most popular, simple, flexible and attractively priced round-the-world fares available in the market. Prices are based on class of travel (Economy, Premium Economy where available, Business or First) and, uniquely, the number of continents visited - rather than mileage of the overall trip. This keeps journey planning as simple and flexible as possible, providing excellent value. Flights can be on any of the oneworld carriers. oneworld Explorer is the obvious choice for anyone planning a global journey including sectors "Downunder" with oneworld's Qantas the only member of a global alliance operating a full domestic network within Australia. oneworld Explorer was the first multi-airline round-the-world fare bookable on-line.
  • Global Explorer:
    Another round-the-world fare, but this time based on the distance flown - and featuring also some airlines which are not members of oneworld, including Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Fiji Airways, Meridianafly, WestJet and some flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui and Jetstar, extending the destinations covered still further.
  • Circle Explorer:
    Similar to oneworld Explorer, but does not require travel to North or South America, so you can fly halfway around the globe and then back again, without actually circumnavigating the planet (for example London-Hong Kong-Sydney-Johannesburg-London).
  • Circle Pacific:
    Another Explorer variant, this time for trips around the Pacific Ocean, covering Australia/NZ, Asia and North and South America (for example, Los Angeles-Tokyo-Sydney-Los Angeles).
  • Circle Asia and South West Pacific:
    Covering North East and South East Asia and the South West Pacific.
  • Circle Atlantic:
    Covering Europe and the Middle East, North and South America.
  • Visit Passes:
    Offering multi-sector flights on any oneworld carrier in a specific continent or region. They offer a great value way to travel around a region. oneworld is the only alliance to offer this sort of pass covering all six continents, excluding Antarctica. Prices are based on the number of sectors selected and their length.

oneworld fares earn frequent flyer points and miles. oneworld Explorer and the Circle fares are available for group travel.

Lead-in prices from most countries, a travel planning tool, a booking facility for oneworld Explorer fares and other useful information about all these fares is available at


More recognition for frequent flyers

oneworld offers more opportunities to earn and redeem frequent flyer rewards - and more airport lounges to use on your travels.

  • Earning miles:
    Members of any of the oneworld airlines' frequent flyer programmes can earn miles or points on eligible fares and flights marketed and operated by any oneworld airline. Eligible flights also count towards their tier status.
  • Redeeming miles:
    Frequent flyers can also redeem their miles or points on any flights operated by oneworld airlines. They can be used for flights on any individual airline in the alliance, or for journeys involving sectors on any number of oneworld carriers, including round-the-world journeys.
  • Privileges:
    Top tier members of oneworld airlines' frequent flyer programmes (Emerald and Sapphire card holders, see below) and passengers flying in First Class or Business Class are eligible to use more than 650 airport lounges offered by our member airlines before their oneworld flights. At many lounges, passengers are offered refreshments, telephones and computer facilities. At some locations, there are showers, a wider range of business services and meeting facilities. The most loyal customers (Emerald and Sapphire card holders) are offered additional check-in baggage allowances and priority baggage delivery, and Emeralds can also use fast track security lanes at select airports.  Click here for full details.
  • Because oneworld's airlines all have different names for the top three membership tiers in their frequent flyer programmes, the alliance has created a tier of names, based on gemstones, that are common right across oneworld:
  • Emerald
    denotes the top tier in any programme.
  • Sapphire
    denotes the second tier.
  • Ruby
    denotes the third tier.

Membership cards issued by all oneworld airlines carry a oneworld symbol in the appropriate colour, to ensure these most frequent flyers always receive the recognition and privileges to which they are entitled, no matter which oneworld airline they are flying.


High flying service standards

Members of oneworld are proud of their reputations for high quality service - setting standards for the rest of the industry to follow. To ensure a consistently high level of customer service across all member airlines, oneworld has established a set of quality standards which are monitored regularly. They cover areas such as check-in, lounges, boarding experience, cabin crew, meals, seat comfort, punctuality, in-flight entertainment, aircraft cleanliness and baggage handling.

Members of oneworld comprise:

  • American Airlines,
    the world's largest airline. Following its merger with US Airways, American and its affiliate American Eagle serves more than 340 cities and 50 countries, carrying more than 200 million passengers in 2015 on 1,500 aircraft. It operates major hubs at Charlotte, Dallas Fort Worth, Chicago O'Hare, Los Angeles, Miami, New York JFK and LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington DC.
  • British Airways,
    one of the world's leading international airlines. With its affiliates, it serves some 230 airports in 90 territories, with its main hub London Heathrow, the main gateway to the world's number one business city. With its Iberia partner and their affiliates, it carried nearly 90 million people in its latest year. 
  • Cathay Pacific,
    one of the most highly regarded Asian airlines and a regular winner of Airline of the Year awards. Based in Hong Kong, it and its Cathay Dragon affiliate carried neraly 35 million people last year on a fleet of 200 aircraft, serving nearly 100 destinations in 35 countries.
  • Finnair,
    the national carrier of Finland, serves 120 cities and 40 countries. The airline is currently undergoing substantial expansion in Asia, with its Helsinki hub an ideal gateway for travel between Europe and Asia.
  • Iberia,
    the leading carrier between Europe and Latin America. Worldwide, the Spanish flagcarrier serves 135 cities in nearly 50 countries, with its main hub at Madrid.  With its British Airways partner and their affiliates, it carried almost 90 million people in its latest full year. 
  • Japan Airlines,
    one of the biggest carriers in the Asia-Pacific region and the Japanese flagcarrier. From the group's main hubs of Tokyo Narita and Haneda, Japan Airlines and its oneworld affiliates operate flights to some 80 destinations in 20 countries and territories. JAL and its oneworld affiliates carried 40 million passengers in their latest full year.
  • LATAM Airlines,
    widely recognized as Latin America's leading airline group, created through the merger of LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines and their affiliates, serving nearly 150 cities in 25 countries. It carried nearly 70 million passengers in 2015, from hubs at Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Lima, Quito and Guayaquil.
  • Malaysia Airlines,
    one of the industry's most frequent award winners and a leading airline in South East Asia. Worldwide, it serves nearly 75 destinations in 25 countries from its Kuala Lumpur hub. It carried 20 million passengers last year on a fleet of 100 aircraft, with the Airbus A380 as its flagship.
  • Qantas
    describes itself as the world's most experienced airline and one of Australia's strongest brands. It offers an unparalleled network in its home continent. Worldwide, it serves more than 80 destinations and 20 countries. With its main base Sydney, it carried 27 million passengers last year.
  • Qatar Airways,
    one of the industry's most highly regarded and rapidly expanding carriers. It is the only one of the big three Gulf carriers to have joined any global airline alliance. Worldwide, it serves some 170 destinations in 85 countries.
  • Royal Jordanian,
    the first airline from the Middle East to find a home with any of the global airline alliances and the first in the region to be privatised. RJ flies to 50 destinations in more than 30 countries, carrying 3 million passengers a year.
  • S7 Airlines
    is one of Russia's biggest domestic airlines – and the leader in terms of customer service quality and innovation. It is the first carrier in Russia to convert to an all Western-built Airbus and Boeing fleet and the first to adopt full electronic ticketing and on-line reservations and sales. It serves around 120 destinations in 30 countries, carrying more than 10 million passengers a year.
  • SriLankan Airlines,
    was the first airline from the Indian subcontinent to join any of the global alliances. Worldwide, it serves more than 30 destinations in 20 countries.

oneworld also has some 30 affiliate members, airlines who provide regional services in association with the alliance's members. They include: American Eagle; British Airways franchisees Comair (of South Africa) and SUN-AIR (Denmark) and subsidiaries OpenSkies and BA CityFlyer; Iberia Regional Air Nostrum and Iberia Express; Cathay Pacific sister Cathay Dragon; JAL group subsidiaries J-AIR and Japan Transocean Air; LATAM affiliates in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; QantasLink carriers Airlink, Eastern Australia Airlines and Sunstate Airlines, and S7's Globus. LATAM's Paraguayan affiliate will join soon.


Offering better facilities on the ground

oneworld member airlines operate from some of the best airports in the world.

By working together on joint ground facilities, they are able to create far better facilities than any of them could justify on their own, and at better unit costs. oneworld members have combined ticket offices, check-in facilities and/or lounges at some 50 airports worldwide.

In 2011, the alliance started rolling out oneworld Global Support services at key hubs around the world, to iron out snags for connecting passengers before they even become aware of them. These are now in action at 11 of the alliance's biggest hubs – Boston, Chicago O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Helsinki, Hong Kong, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New York JFK and Tokyo Narita.

In October 2010, a project was completed to bring all the alliance's airlines serving Tokyo Narita alongside one another in Terminal 2. At the same time, its carriers co-located their international operations at Tokyo Haneda, establishing oneworld as the alliance with the most extensive international network and the biggest domestic operation at Asia's newest international hub.

In October 2009, member airlines serving London Heathrow completed the alliance's biggest yet co- location project, consolidating from across all five of the airport's terminals into just two - the GBP4.2 billion (US$ 7.6 billion) new Terminal 5 and the adjacent existing Terminal 3, which is now undergoing a massive up-grading programme. With addition of more member airlines since then, oneworld's footprint at the airport has expanded again to include Terminal 4.

In Madrid, all on-line member airlines moved into the EUR6 billion Terminal 4 at the Spanish capital in February 2006.

These two initiatives provide oneworld with world-class, state-of-the-art facilities at the alliance's two main European hubs, with Heathrow Terminal 5 named by Skytrax as the world's best airport terminal and Madrid Terminal 4 a runner-up. At its other main hub in the continent, the new Helsinki airport, home of Finnair, is regularly voted the world's best airport for its size.

The Hong Kong home to Cathay Pacific and Dragonair and the Kuala Lumpur base of Malaysia Airlines often vie for the title of the world's best airport.

At oneworld's main North American hub, Dallas/Fort Worth, the US$1.2 billion international Terminal D opened in October 2006. Elsewhere, American Airlines is virtually rebuilding its New York JFK and Miami terminals. LAN's Santiago base is widely recognized as the best airport in South America.

At Qatar Airways' Doha hub, operations moved into the state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport in June 2014.


Delivering benefits to shareholders

oneworld gives its members an additional competitive edge - beyond what any airline can achieve individually or bilaterally - by:

  • Building revenue
  • Reducing costs
  • Adding shareholder value
  • Providing additional customer services and benefits
  • Spreading a member's brand name – and distribution - further
  • Sharing best practice.

oneworld's members have benefited by billions of dollars through revenue generation and feed flowing from their various multi-lateral and bilateral agreements, and from cost-saving initiatives like airport co- location and joint procurement.


Award winners

oneworld and its member airlines are among the most frequent award winners in the airline industry. oneworld itself currently holds six of the 12 leading international awards for airline alliances:

  • FlightStats’ On-Time Performance Award 2015 for the third time running.
  • Business Traveller’s 2016 Best Airline Alliance, for the fourth year running.
  • World Travel Awards’ World’s Leading Airline Alliance 2015, for the 13th consecutive year.
  • Global Traveler magazine’s 2015 GT Tested Reader Survey Award – for the sixth year in a row.
  • Premier Traveler’s Best of 2015 Awards – for the third year running.
  • Business Traveler North America’s 2015 Best in Business Travel Awards.


oneworld online

The alliance's website,, offers a wealth of useful tools and information on key aspects of its service and products in many languages – and an interactive map showing every destination and route served by the alliance's member airlines and their code-share partners

In December 2008, oneworld became the first alliance to sell any of its consumer fares on-line, through the booking tool for oneworld Explorer round-the-world fares.

Surf its pages, and you can check out:

  • Flight schedules for all oneworld member airlines, including a full alliance timetable downloadable to PCs, iPads/iPhones, PDAs, Blackberrys or for printing.
  • Details on the alliance's innovative and attractively priced fare products, including a tool for helping plan oneworld Explorer round-the-world journeys, along with the booking tool.
  • Frequent flyer benefits.
  • Real-time arrival and departure information for all flights by oneworld member airlines.
  • Local city information for many major destinations, along with visa and health requirements for every country in the world.
  • How to transfer between oneworld airlines at key connecting hub airports.
  • Press releases, images and other media information – and a downloadable oneworld screensaver.

Managing the alliance

oneworld was the first of the global airline alliances to establish a central unit to drive the management of the alliance, its future growth and customer offerings.

The oneworld Management Company (oMC) was established in Vancouver, Canada, in May 2000, moving in June 2011 to New York, enabling the central alliance team to keep their finger right on the pulse of the world's single biggest market for air travel, with the city's airports used by 110 million passengers a year.

Rob Gurney was appointed its CEO in October 2016. With some 25 years' experience in the airline industry, he served previously with oneworld founding members British Airways and Qantas and also with Emirates.

He reports to the oneworld Governing Board, comprising the Chief Executives of each of the oneworld member airlines, who meet regularly to set strategic direction and review progress. The Board is currently chaired by Ivan Chu, Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific.

Reporting to oneworld CEO Rob Gurney are function heads for Commercial, Membership and Customer Experience, Finance and IT, and Corporate Communications.

Activity across the alliance is managed by the oMC's team of some 25 full-time professionals, in liaison with working groups drawn from executives across all member airlines.

To help them work across their many different time zones, they make wide-spread use of technology - email, eRooms, a dedicated intranet etc.


oneworld's history



airberlin and its affiliate NIKI withdraw from oneworld



Rob Gurney joins oneworld as CEO, succeeding Bruce Ashby.

Business Traveller names oneworld best alliance in its 2016 awards, for the fourth year running.


oneworld is named the world's best alliance for on-time flights for the third time running, by FlightStats. 



oneworld wins three more "best airline alliance" awards - from Global Traveler for the sixth year running, from Premier Traveler for the third year running, and from World Travel Awards for the 13th year running.


Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Japan and Jetstar Pacific start participating in Global Explorer, the round-the-world fare offered by all oneworld members and selected carriers outside the alliance.


oneworld is named the world's best airline alliance in the 2015 Business Traveller awards - for the third year running.


New oneworld Priority signage is unveiled to make it easier for frequent flyers to spot where they can take advantage of their oneworld benefits at airports around the world.  It will be installed at all 1,000 plus airports on the alliance network. 

oneworld is named the world's best airline alliance for the third year in a row in Skytrax's World Airline Awards.

Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Ivan Chu succeeds his IAG counterpart Willie Walsh as Chairman of oneworld's Governing Board.


Bangkok Airways starts participating in  Global Explorer, the round-the-world fare offered by all oneworld members and select other airlines.


oneworld is named as the most punctual airline alliance in FlightStats' On-Time Performance Awards 2014 - for the second successive time.



More new benefits are added for the most loyal customers of oneworld member airlines - priority baggage delivery for frequent flyers with Emerald or Sapphire tier status in any oneworld member airline's loyalty programme and an additional check-in baggage allowance for Sapphire cardholders.

Global Traveler magazine names oneworld Best Airline Alliance in its 2014 GT Tested Reader Survey - for the fifth year running.

Premier Traveler magazine names oneworld its Best Airline Alliance in its 2014 awards - for the second year in a row.

oneworld is named the World's Leading Airline Alliance in the 2014 World Travel Awards - for the 12th year running.


oneworld is named the best airline alliance in the 2014 Business Traveller awards - for the second successive year.


oneworld is named the world's best airline by the Skytrax independent airline quality ratings agency in the 2014 World Airline Awards - for the second year in a row.


Qantas, British Airways and Cathay Pacific open a new suite of lounges for premium passengers and top tier frequent flyers departing from Los Angeles' Tom Bradley International Terminal.


SriLankan Airlines joins, as the first carrier from the Indian sub-continent to become part of any global airline alliance.

Visit South Asian sub-continent pass launched.


TAM Airlines and US Airways join oneworld in the alliance's biggest single-day expansion yet.

Air Transport News names oneworld its Best Airline Alliance 2014.



Global Traveler names oneworld its Best Airline Alliance for the fourth year running in its GT Tested 2013 Reader Survey, while World Travel Awards honours oneworld as 2013's World's Leading Airline Alliance, for the 11th year running.


Premier Traveler names oneworld Best Airline Alliance in its Best of 2013 awards – on top of the six other "best alliance" awards gained by oneworld in the past year.


Qatar Airways joins as the first of the major Gulf carriers to enter any of the global alliances.

Visit Middle East pass launched.

oneworld named Best Airline Alliance by readers of Business Traveller magazine.

LAN Colombia joins as an affiliate member – the final part of the LAN group to join oneworld.

TAM's oneworld joining date confirmed as 31 March 2014.


oneworld becomes the first global alliance to enable customers to book round-the-world trips via tablet computers.


Republic Airlines starts flying as an affiliate member on routes it operates as American Eagle.


Finnair joins the joint business across the North Atlantic with established partners American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia – and seeks regulatory approval to join the joint business between British Airways and Japan Airlines between Europe and Japan.


oneworld is named the World's Best Airline Alliance in the 2013 World Airline Awards run by the Skytrax independent airline quality ratings agency.

The oneworld Academy is launched - a new online training resource for travel agents, designed to make them better aware of key elements of the alliance and its customer offerings.


oneworld unveils a new, one-stop, easy-to use service to meet the travel needs for conventions, conferences, exhibitions and special events – oneworld events.


LATAM Airlines Group selects oneworld as the global alliance for all its passenger airlines, which means that Brazil's TAM Airlines will leave the Star Alliance to join oneworld, along with its Paraguay subsidiary, in 2014's second quarter, and LAN Colombia will join oneworld as an affiliate member, in the fourth quarter of 2013. With Chile's LAN Airlines flying as a full member of oneworld since June 2000 and LAN Argentina, LAN Ecuador and LAN Peru added since as affiliate members, it means that all of Latin America's top airline group will be part of the same global airline alliance.

Members elect Qatar Airways and SriLankan start participating in the Global Explorer round-the-world fare that covers the networks of all oneworld member airlines and selected carriers outside the alliance.


oneworld receives the debut Airline Alliance On-Time Performance Award from the independent FlightStats organization, as airline alliance with the most punctual operation in 2012.

American Airlines and US Airways announce their intention to merger – within oneworld.

Malaysia Airlines becomes part of oneworld.

Two more benefits for oneworld Emerald frequent flyers are unveiled – an extra checked baggage allowance, and the use of fast track lanes through security when flying from select key airports worldwide on select oneworld member airlines.

Visit Malaysia air pass added to oneworld's portfolio of fares.



OpenSkies becomes a oneworld affiliate member.

WestJet starts participating in the Global Explorer round-the-world fare offered by all oneworld members and select airlines that are not part of the alliance.

oneworld names Best Airline Alliance for the third year running by Global Traveler magazine, and retains the magazine's Wines on the Wing award as the alliance whose airlines serve the best wines in-flight.


SkyWest and ExpressJet become oneworld affiliate members on routes they operate for American Eagle.

Qatar Airways invited to join oneworld. Its implementation is expected to take 12-18 months.

Flybe Finland becomes a oneworld affiliate member on routes it operates for Finnair.


SriLankan Airlines invited to join oneworld. Its implementation is expected to take 12-18 months.


Flights operated by bmi British Midland become part of oneworld on a phased basis as part of the integration of the former Star member into British Airways following its purchase by BA's parent IAG.


airberlin joins oneworld.

Iberia Express, the new short to mediumhaul airline launched by the Iberia group, joins oneworld as an affiliate member.

oneworld launches an IT hub, making it easier and more efficient to add new recruits to the alliance.


IAG and Japan Airlines file for regulatory approval for a joint business between JAL and British Airways between Europe and Japan.

Kingfisher Airlines implementation as a oneworld member airline is put on hold to allow the airline time to strengthen its financial position. It remains a member elect of the alliance.

Malév Hungarian Airlines suspends all services indefinitely, and is liquidated shortly thereafter.


American Airlines and Qantas launch their joint business between the USA and Australasia.

oneworld is named the World's Leading Airline Alliance for the ninth year running in the World's Travel Awards.



Australian Business Traveller names oneworld its Best Airline Alliance in its debut awards.

oneworld named Best Airline Alliance by Global Traveler for the second year running in its GT Tested Reader Survey 2011 Awards.

Chinese language version of added as part of a major facelift for the website.

American Airlines' Chairman, President and Chief Executive Tom Horton is named Chairman of oneworld's Governing Board.


oneworld's central management team moves its head office from Vancouver to New York, sharing offices in the Big Apple with American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, Japan Airlines, Malév and Qantas.

Malaysia Airlines is voted on board oneworld as a member designate, expected to become part of the alliance in late 2012.


Qantas launches flights between its Sydney base and American Airlines' Dallas/Fort Worth home as a key element of closer cooperation between the two airlines across the Pacific.


American Airlines and Japan Airlines launch their joint business across the North Pacific.



Industry veteran Bruce Ashby is named oneworld Chief Executive as plans are announced to relocate the alliance's central team from Vancouver to New York's Manhattan during 2011.

oneworld named Best Airline Alliance by Global Traveler in the leading business travel magazine's GT Tested Reader Survey 2010 Awards.


S7 Airlines, Russia's leading domestic carrier, joins oneworld. Its Globus operation joins at the same time as a oneworld affiliate member.

oneworld is named the World's Leading Airline Alliance for the eighth year running in the World's Travel Awards.


American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia launch their transatlantic joint business.

oneworld's biggest co-location project in Asia is completed with British Airways moving alongside all the alliance's other airlines serving Tokyo Narita in the airport's Terminal 2.

oneworld positions itself as the leading alliance at Tokyo Haneda, as the airport opens to scheduled international services, with oneworld airlines offering the most extensive international network from the airport and its biggest Japanese domestic operation.


airberlin – Europe's sixth biggest airline and Germany's second largest – becomes a oneworld member elect, lining up to join in early 2012.

Regulators in Europe and the USA approve the proposed transatlantic joint business agreement between American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia and the application for anti-trust immunity between those three airlines and the alliance's other transatlantic operators, Finnair and Royal Jordanian.


India's leading airline Kingfisher Airlines becomes a oneworld member elect after signing an agreement to join the alliance.

oneworld marks the 10th anniversary of LAN joining by reaffirming its determination to remain Latin America's leading alliance.


oneworld is named the World's Best Airline Alliance in Skytrax 2010 World Airline Awards.


American Airlines and Japan Airlines apply for anti-trust immunity for a joint business agreement between North America and Asia.

Japan Airlines reaffirms its membership of oneworld and its commitment to expand co-operation with its alliance partners, after a review of its alliance strategy prompted by its overall business restructuring.



oneworld becomes the first global airline alliance to enable corporate customers to complete contracts electronically.


Mexicana joins oneworld, along with affiliates MexicanaClick and MexicanaLink – adding Mexico and Central America's leading airline to the world's leading quality airline alliance.

A Spanish version of its popular round-the-world booking tool is launched, making oneworld the only alliance offering an on-line booking facility in any language besides English.

oneworld is named the World's Leading Airline Alliance for the seventh year running in the World's Travel Awards.

All oneworld member airlines serving Stockholm co-locate to the airport's newly expanded Terminal 5.


oneworld's biggest airport co-location project to date is completed, with Qantas and British Airways' Australian routes transferring from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3, to operate alongside all the other alliance carriers serving its biggest European hub, with the remainder of BA's services in the brand new Terminal 5. It brings the alliance's operations together from across all five of the airport's terminals into just two.


All oneworld member airlines serving Barcelona co-locate to the airport's new Terminal 1.

All oneworld member airlines serving Helsinki co-locate in the airport's Terminal 2, following the opening of its extension.


S7 Airlines, Russia's leading domestic carrier, elected on board as a oneworld member designate, to join the alliance in 2010. At the same time, the airline's network is covered by the Global Explorer round-the- fare that features all oneworld member airlines and some selected airlines not part of the alliance.


oneworld marks its 10th birthday with a host of initiatives:

  • The unveiling of a standard oneworld llivery that all member airlines will adopt on a proportion of their fleets as a symbol of their renewed commitment to the alliance.
  • A 10 per cent cut in the price of all of oneworld consumer fares for ten weeks – repeated later in the year. It is the first time any of the global alliances has offered this kind of special promotion across its full range of consumer fares.
  • The launch of its latest consumer fare - Circle Atlantic.
  • On-line enhancements to make booking flights on all of its member airlines easier than ever before - whether they are frequent flyer award redemption flights or regular tickets. This puts oneworld on track to be the first alliance:

    • To enable its airlines' frequent flyer programme members to book on-line award flights on all oneworld airlines.
    • With every member airline selling through its own website flights operated by all its global alliance partners in conjunction with its own flights.
  • A chance for customers to win a pair of Business Class tickets for travel all the way around the world on oneworld's airline members, simply by saying what services and benefits they would most like the alliance to offer in the future.



oneworld becomes the first in the travel industry to sell multi-airline round-the-world fares on-line with the launch of its internet booking engine for oneworld Explorer. This is also the first time any alliance fare has been sold on-line.

oneworld named World's Leading Alliance for the sixth year running in the World Travel Awards.

Affiliate LAN Ecuador gains rights to launch a domestic network within Ecuador.


American Airlines' Chairman and Chief Executive Gerard Arpey succeeds his Qantas counterpart Geoff Dixon as Chairman of the oneworld Governing Board.

oneworld links with WestJet to launch a joint corporate sales programme in Canada.


Alaska Airlines and its regional affiliate Horizon Air start participating in Global Explorer, the round-the-world fare that features all oneworld partners and selected other airlines.


Finnair becomes the first oneworld member in Europe to decorate aircraft in a special oneworld livery to mark the 10th anniversary of its invitation to join.


Mexicana elected a member designate, to join oneworld in 2009 along with affiliate Click Mexicana.

LAN Argentina becomes the second airline in the alliance to decorate an aircraft in a special oneworld livery, to mark the first anniversary of its joining.


oneworld's biggest yet airport co-location project begins with British Airways beginning its move into the new Terminal 5 at its London Heathrow base.



oneworld voted World's Leading Airline Alliance for fifth year running in World Travel Awards.


Dragonair joins as an affiliate member.

First airport lounges in the world developed as a oneworld project opened their doors - at Los Angeles.


businessflyer extended to Italy, as it becomes a key target market for the alliance.


Japan Airlines, Malév and Royal Jordanian start offering oneworld services and benefits in the alliance's biggest expansion since its launch in 1999.

LAN Argentina and LAN Ecuador join as affiliates.

Aer Lingus withdraws from oneworld with its new focus on the low fare, point-to-point market no longer in line with the alliance's strategy of serving the multi-sector, premium, frequent international traveller.

Visit Japan and Circle Asia and South West Pacific fares launched.


To mark Japan Airlines' impending accession, oneworld links with the Visit Japan Campaign to support its drive to boost tourism to Japan – and JAL reveals a special oneworld livery that it will paint on a number of its aircraft.



Dragonair elected on board as an affiliate, to join in 2007.


LAN Argentina and LAN Ecuador elected on board as affiliates, to join in early 2007.

Qantas Group Chief Executive Officer Geoff Dixon becomes Chairman of oneworld's Governing Board.

oneworld's businessflyer corporate sales product extended to Belgium.


oneworld member airlines serving Bangkok co-locate their operations at the city's new Suvarnabhumi airport as it opens for business.

oneworld named World's Leading Airline Alliance for the fourth year running in the World Travel Awards, which describes itself as the industry's biggest award scheme.


oneworld launches its new website – featuring an interactive map showing all the destinations and routes its members serve.


Three of oneworld's most popular consumer fares – the round-the-world oneworld Explorer and two Circle passes – are opened up for group travel.


Japan Airlines elected on board. It is expected to start offering the alliance's services and benefits in early 2007.

Three of the alliance's most popular fares - oneworld Explorer and its two Circle tickets - are opened up to group travel.


All oneworld airlines serving Madrid move into the airport's new EUR6 billion Terminal 4 in the alliance's biggest co-location activity to date.



Malév elected on board. It is expected to start offering the alliance's services and benefits in early 2007.

oneworld named the world's leading airline alliance for the third year running in the World Travel Awards.


Japan Airlines announces it is seeking membership.

Royal Jordanian elected on board. It is expected to start offering the alliance's services and benefits at around the turn of 2006/2007.


oneworld is named the world's Best Airline Alliance for the second year running in the 2005 Business Traveller awards.


oneworld launches a new downloadable timetable showing schedules for all its members and their code- share partners.


oneworld becomes the only global alliance to enable customers to fly throughout its network, with multiple connections, on electronic tickets only, with the completion of interline e-ticketing links between all its member airlines.


oneworld launches a special website for its Japanese-speaking customers. is a complete replica of the alliance's main website, but in Japanese.



British Airways and Iberia confirm they will increase their co-operation by operating their services between London and both Madrid and Barcelona as a joint business from 1 January 2005.

oneworld named the world's leading airline alliance for the second year running in the World's Travel Awards.


British Airways sells its 18.25 shareholding in Qantas, but the two airlines stress their alliance remains unaffected, with the joint services agreement governing their co-operation between Australia and Europe recently approved by the Australian regulators approved for a further five years.

oneworld launches a global frequent flyer promotion, offering up to 15,000 bonus miles - its first such promotion for five years.

The alliance's Latin American partner completes the change of its name from LanChile to LAN Airlines.


American Airlines is the first airline in the world to offer interline electronic ticketing with all its global alliance partners when Aer Lingus and Iberia are the final oneworld partners to start offering this service with the US carrier.

Iberia President Fernando Conte succeeds his Finnair counterpart Keijo Suila as Chairman of oneworld's Governing Board.

Swiss International Air Lines released from its commitment to join oneworld after an agreement between the airline and established oneworld partner British Airways to drop the bilateral commercial agreement they signed in October 2003, which was a fundamental condition of it becoming a member of the global alliance.


American Airlines and British Airways extend their code-sharing to their first transatlantic routes, between the USA and the UK regions.



British Airways and Iberia granted the European equivalent of anti-trust immunity, enabling the partners to deepen their co-operation.


oneworld named the World's Leading Airline Alliance at the tenth World Travel Awards.


businessflyer sales product launched, initially in Germany, offering small and medium-sized companies fare discounts in return for a regular relationship with the alliance's carriers.

John McCulloch succeeds Peter Buecking as oneworld Managing Partner.


The four oneworld airlines operating at Zurich - American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia - move their passenger facilities into new amenities at the airport developed specially for them.

The two-letter code used to search in the travel industry's computer reservations systems for flights operated by any airline member of the oneworld alliance changes, to *O.



Heads of the Engineering and Maintenance functions at each oneworld member airline agree to develop common specifications as widely as possible across their engineering and maintenance activities, to align their policies and procedures, to work together to develop and support solutions that can be applied throughout the industry and to share best practice, enabling them to reduce costs through bulk buying and by sharing parts between one another.

Finnair President Keijo Suila appointed Chairman of oneworld's Governing Board.


British Airways and Iberia expand their code-sharing arrangements to cover their services between their London Heathrow and Madrid and Barcelona hubs as part of a wider commercial agreement covering also joint network planning, co-ordinating capacity and pricing and sharing more airport facilities to improve transfer services at Madrid, Barcelona and London.

Qantas starts moving alongside American Airlines at Los Angeles, smoothing transfers for passengers flying between Australia and the USA.

LanChile and Qantas link their Santiago and Sydney home bases by direct flights for the first time, with the South American carrier flying the route three times a week, via Auckland, with its services also carrying the QF code.


oneworld named the world's Best Airline Alliance in what is believed to be the first major award recognising this sector of the travel industry - the 2002 Business Traveller Awards, based on a poll among some of the world's most frequent flyers.

Content in Spanish, Chinese, Germany, French and Portuguese added to the established English at


American Airlines and Finnair granted anti-trust immunity.


Circle Explorer and Circle Trip Explorer launched.

American Airlines and Finnair become the first airlines from different continents to introduce e-ticket interlining, as oneworld becomes the first of the global alliances to commit to introducing the system across its members.


Finnair and Qantas link their Helsinki and Sydney hubs with a daily code-share service over Bangkok.


Cathay Pacific's Hong Kong hub and Finnair's Helsinki base are linked for the first time, with Finnair flights.


Cathay Pacific Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive David Turnbull becomes Chairman of the oneworld Governing Board.



oneworld's network expands with the integration of the former TWA operation into American Airlines.


World airline industry crisis leads to a change of focus - onto helping members achieve cost savings and build revenues beyond what they could accomplish individually.


Visit Asia pass launched.


Visit Africa, Australia/NZ, North and South Americas passes launched.



Visit Europe pass launched


Aer Lingus and LanChile start offering oneworld services and benefits.

Canadian withdraws following its purchase by Air Canada.


oneworld's central management team starts work, based in Vancouver.



Finnair and Iberia start offering oneworld services and benefits.

1 February

oneworld is born. Founding members start offering oneworld services and benefits.



American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Canadian Airlines and Qantas announce their intention to form oneworld and launch an intensive employee communication and training programme.



  • oneworld benefits are only available to passengers on scheduled flights that are both operated and marketed by a oneworld member airline or on a oneworld member airline affiliate. Marketed means there must be a oneworld airline flight number on the ticket.
  • At peak periods, access to certain lounges may be restricted due to capacity constraints. Access is available on the day of departure when the next onward flight is with a oneworld airline. Access may not apply at a limited number of lounges operated by third parties. Access is not available to AAdvantage members travelling on solely North American itineraries.
  • Each oneworld alliance airline reserves the right to change its frequent flyer programme rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers, and to end its frequent flyer program, in accordance with its relevant frequent flyer program rules. Miles/points may be earned only on purchased, published fares.
  • American Eagle, AAdvantage, AAdvantage Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum and AAdvantage Gold are marks of American Airlines Inc. American Eagle is American's regional airline affiliate.
  • Countries includes independent states, semi-autonomous regions, special administrative territories etc
  • All information contained in this document is correct at time of going to press but is subject to change without notice.
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